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About me

About me

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
Destin Sparks

More about Me

I started Final Fantasy XIV with friends the 16th of March 2020. I had a lot of free time in front of me with the lockdown, so I decided to play a MMORPG. I spent a lot of time on SWTOR ( Star Wars The Old Republic) enjoying the PVP of it. Also played Guild Wars 2 a long time ago but didn't play as much as I did with FFXIV. I first rushed the Main Story before focusing on my crafters and finally enjoying the savage content.

I always took screens during my adventure, but it was mainly for seeing my progression, how much my glams are changing as much as my character. Character which came from first Male Hyur to my actual Aura. Things really started to change when a friend of mine showed me Eorzeacollection. Being first impressed by how good their "game" looked, making me discover Gshade first Concept Matrix (till I moved to Anamnesis).

Then I slowly had fun my taking some random screens, showing them to my FC, seeing that they really enjoyed them. Making me taking more and more screens, adding mods, helping friends to keep memories of their characters. To finally creating a twitter to share my screens with friends making it slowly growing and then making my own website to make the visual more aesthetic.


Commissions (100% =No more commissions)55%

Free Time (100% = Busy)60%

Bonkness 75%

My Body Is Ready90%


Some Of My Screenshots

I'am really having fun by taking all kind of screens. It also allow me to see the evolution of my characters or develop their RPs.

Some Question ?

If you want to know about bit more, or have any questions, commissions. Please contact me by clicking on the button bellow.